Military Embedded Systems

AI-enabled, radar-based interceptor UAV shipped


April 02, 2020

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Photo courtesy of Fortem Technologies.

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah. Fortem Technologies, Inc., counter-drone security and defense solutions company, announced the shipment of the new AI-enabled F700 DroneHunter. Designed to combat ineffective ground station jamming, the F700 is intended to be a deterrent against the rising number of adversarial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

According to the company, the advancements of the F700 are its flexible undercarriage, which offers interchangeable countermeasures for single, multiple, or swarm-based threats and its new lightweight carbon fiber frame, enabling greater speed.

The F700 is designed to carry multiple types of anti-drone countermeasures and deploy them in real-time, based on the dynamic threat that is detected beyond the protected area. The undercarriage features pogo pins and payload snaps that are integrated with AI-enabled firing and flight software.

The F700 is intended to offer a payload capacity to handle situations over civilians where zero collateral damage is a requirement. AI decisions are now made in real-time to select the appropriate effectors for the detected threat. The F700 is equipped with ground and airborne networked radar and corresponding optics.

According to the company, Fortem is developing several DroneHunter mitigation types including directed energy.


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