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Raytheon PERM mortar munition to improve USMC fire support


January 24, 2013

Brandon Lewis

Technology Editor

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Raytheon PERM mortar munition to improve USMC fire support
An M327 Rifled Towed (RT) Mortar will be used to deploy Raytheon's PERM munition.

TUCSON, AZ. Raytheon has been awarded a contract to design, develop, and demonstrate a 120 mm Precision Extended Range Munition (PERM) for the United States Marine Corps (USMC). The long-range guided mortar munition will be fired from the Expeditionary Fire Support System M327 Rifled Towed (RT) mortar in support of the USMC’s air-to-ground taskforce.

Under the contract, Raytheon will have production-representative mortar munitions available for a USMC live-fire demonstration in 18 months. The PERM solution is expected to provide operational flexibility and robustness across all terrain and conditions, but will primarily extend mortar range capabilities to engage enemy targets, including other artillery.

“Raytheon will provide the Marine Corps with precision, highly lethal indirect fire support for its combat operations while minimizing collateral damage," said Tom Bussing, Vice President of Advanced Missile Systems for Raytheon Missile Systems. "Our PERM solution is also expected to reduce logistical burdens since fewer rounds will be needed to accomplish the mission."

The design, development, and testing of the weapon will be conducted in partnership with Israeli Military Industries. The development program’s engineering and manufacturing phases are scheduled for completion within the next 24 months.


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