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U.S. Navy picks up option for additional Nixie torpedo defense systems from Boeing


January 04, 2013

Brandon Lewis

Technology Editor

Embedded Computing Design

U.S. Navy picks up option for additional Nixie torpedo defense systems from Boeing

FAIRFAX, VA. Boeing subsidiary Argon ST will continue to supply the U.S. Navy with AN/SLQ-25C torpedo defense countermeasures under a recently exercised option on the system’s contract. Under the $8 million contract extension, eight new AN/SLQ-25C systems will provide countermeasures that imitate a vessel’s propulsion system to draw incoming torpedoes away from Navy surface ships.

Also referred to as “Nixie,” the AN/SLQ-25C systems are electro-acoustic-towed decoys that communicate with a host surface vessel's network to offer integrated defense capabilities. Currently deployed on more than 400 vessels in navies around the world, Argon ST is the sole contractor for the AN/SQL-25C system’s design, development, and manufacturing.

Kim Patterson, Boeing AN/SLQ-25C program manager commented, "Nixie's open architecture allows us to continue to innovate advances in engineering and technology that improve the system's capability and reliability and reduce its cost."

Part of the Navy’s Surface Ship Torpedo Defense program, Argon ST has been involved in the Nixie program for the Naval Sea Systems Command since 2002. This option is the first exercised under the current AN/SLQ-25C system contract. Production will begin in February, primarily at Argon ST facilities in Smithfield, PA.


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