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DGX-1 optimized for deep learning


April 15, 2019

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

The NVIDIA DGX-1 system from RAVE Computer is a purpose-built system optimized for deep learning and building an artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure, featuring fully integrated hardware and software. Its performance significantly accelerates training time, making this system, the maker says, “a deep learning supercomputer in a box.”

The NVIDIA DGX-1 system is available with NVIDIA’s Tesla V100 and includes next-generation NVIDIA NVLink and TensorCore architecture. The NVIDIA DGX-1 software stack includes major deep-learning frameworks, the NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK, the DIGITS GPU training system, drivers, and CUDA for rapidly designing deep neural networks. This system also includes access to cloud-management services for container creation and deployment, system updates, and an application repository. The combination of these software capabilities running on Pascal-powered Tesla GPUs enables applications to run significantly faster than with previous GPU-accelerated solutions.

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