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No Compromise AI Performance Takes Flight

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By Braden Cooper, Product Marketing Manager at One Stop Systems

AI technologyRapidly expanding datasets in intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance military airborne applications require the highest level of AI performance.  The challenge is to transition the compute power of top-of-the-line AI appliances designed for environmentally controlled datacenters to the unforgiving environment of deployed operational aircraft.  Demanding conditions in shock, vibration, humidity, cooling, and noise must be met in constrained form factors.

As a partner of core AI industry leaders such as NVIDIA, OSS has developed high-end multi-GPU AI platforms using expertise in PCIe switch fabrics and high-speed signal design.  OSS provides AI technology without compromise, utilizing the latest technology from NVIDIA, including up to eight A100 SXM GPUs with NVLINK 3.0.  By adding the highest performing NVMe storage, FPGA data ingest, and communication NICs in the same PCIe 4.0 fabric integrated solution, OSS delivers up to a sustained 128 GB/s in the full AI data path.

OSS also has years of rugged design expertise in meeting MIL-STD-810G environmental requirements.  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation optimizes the thermal design and system ambient noise for external conduction, liquid, or forced convection cooling designs.  Finite element analysis (FEA) simulation optimizes the modal properties and system mounting to minimize the impact of high vibration, crash loads, and shock/drop conditions.  Built-in system monitoring features provide easy access to system component health and status.  Conformal coating allows appliances to operate at full performance after exposure to 100% condensing humidity.  OSS partners with recognized test facilities, such as NTS, to verify compliance to MIL-STD-810G and other environmental requirements. 

While airborne data collection and size continues to scale, so does the need for cutting-edge compute capability at the source of the data for mission critical processing.  AI on the Fly® leverages all of OSS’ expertise to meet the no-compromise nature of these challenging environments.

Disclaimer: This article may contain forward-looking statements based on One Stop Systems’ current expectations and assumptions regarding the company’s business and the performance of its products, the economy and other future conditions and forecasts of future events, circumstances, and results.

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