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Improving efficiency with COM baseboards - Story

September 10, 2013
Embedded computing in the military is trending toward wearable, handheld, and other small and lightweight systems, as well as experiencing increased downward pressure on cost. These systems require rethinking the internals in order to achieve their goals of size, weight, and cost. As a result, the traditional architectures of card cages and stackable systems, which are ideal for quick time to market but carry additional bulk and cost, are giving way to the lighter and more efficient COTS-based COM + baseboard approach. In addition to benefits in size and weight, COM + baseboard systems offer significantly longer lifetimes, fewer problems during technology refresh cycles, and equivalent ruggedness and reliability, making them ideal for long-lasting military programs.

Case study: Dual-CPU PC/104 stack meets Marines vehicle OBC upgrade challenges - Story

April 29, 2011
A recent military contract called for a compact, rugged, wide-temperature embedded system to be used in upgrading the U.S. Marine Corps already-vehicle-deployed Onboard Computers (OBCs). The challenge of upgrading the OBCs was met by integrating two CPU subsystems within a single PC/104 stack, while utilizing a new approach to conduction cooling.
Articles 1 - 2