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Bell 360 Invictus to be equipped with DDC-I avionics system


March 25, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Bell Textron image.

PHOENIX, Ariz. DDC-I, supplier of software and professional services for mission- and safety-critical applications, announced that its Deos safety-critical DO-178 real-time operating system has been selected by Bell Textron, Inc. for use in a Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) that will fly aboard the Bell 360 Invictus as part of the U.S. Army's Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) Competitive Prototype program. 

DDC-I officials highlight the features of the RTOS as being FACE 3.0 conformant, safety-critical, safety certifiabile with the intent to make Deos the ideal platform for advanced avionics subsystems that may require portable, upgradeable multicore solutions aligned to CAST-32A standards.

According to the company, DCUs are modular sensor interface units that collect and convert analog flight data, managing, monitoring, and controlling discrete analog and avionics bus data inputs from aircraft equipment and sensors to and from the Vehicle Management System (VMS) and Heath Usage Monitoring System (HUMS). 

Deos is an embedded RTOS that is designed to employ patented cache partitioning, memory pools, and safe scheduling to deliver high CPU utilization. SafeMC technology is intended to extend Deos' advanced capabilities to multiple cores, aiming to enable developers of safety-critical systems to achieve multi-core performance without compromising safety-critical task response and execution time. 

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