Military Embedded Systems

Thunderbolt 3: A Path Forward for Avionics Data Bus Interfaces and Abaco's ARINC 615-3 Data Loader


April 24, 2019

It’s no secret that the expansion slot capability available on commercial laptops has changed dramatically over the past ten years. PC Card™ slots (also commonly referred to as PCMCIA slots) have all but vanished and it’s rare to find Express Card slots. Thunderbolt ports are now gaining in popularity for high-performance peripheral support. 

For Abaco’s ARINC 615-3 data loader users, the disappearance of
ExpressCard and PC Card slots has given way to the desire to use
USB. Unfortunately, USB device access latency is a key impediment.

The headaches of migrating to new computer hardware and
operating systems also present some significant hurdles to
overcome. On top of that, the always-present pressure to do more
with less can put a strain on efficiency when engineers must
compete internally for budget.

This white paper looks at a possible solution to these challenges.


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