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PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Kimdu’s avionics protocol converter

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January 30, 2023

This week’s product, Kimdu’s GPCU, is a flight-qualified avionics protocol converter, that targets fixed wing, helicopter, ground, and naval applications. The new product is released and being delivered to customers.

Interfaces and Programming Features

Kimdu’s GPCU can be supplied with all or some of the following interfaces: ARINC-429; MIL-STD-1553; CAN; Audio out; RS-422/RS-232; Discretes; Ethernet; Analog; and Opto-coupled inputs.

The GPCU can be programmed to concurrently convert and move date between all of the above interfaces in real time. The internal processor can manipulate and execute arithmetic operations on bits, bytes, and words, programmable timing, and whatever the customer requires.

Once programmed, the GPCU operates transparently within the system moving data between the different interfaces according to the customer’s definition. In case of customer changes to the conversion definition, the GPCU’s firmware can be upgraded in the field. No need to return it to the factory.

The GPCU has been qualified to meet MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-461, and MIL-STD-810.


The GPCU allows for custom hardware to be added via an internal mezzanine card slot. Analog, digital, communication buses, standard or not, can be added by Kimdu. An example is a mezzanine card which measures torque of the C-130 engines and transmits the data to the flight computer via an ARINC-429 interface.

Firmware Updates

As found in Kimdu’s veteran ASIU-E protocol converter, the GPCU has a dedicated upload port which allows for firmware updates to be implemented in the field - at the customer’s location using a free "Loader" program that runs on a PC.

Protocol conversion operation examples:

  • Ethernet to 1553
  • Ethernet to 429
  • Ethernet to RS-422
  • ARINC-429 to 1553
  • ARINC-825 Converter
  • RS-422 to Ethernet
  • CAN and Discrete inputs to 1553 Converter
  • CAN to Discrete outputs
  • 1553 to 429
  • Discrete and RS-422 to ARINC-429
  • Modbus to Ethernet
  • Modbus to RS-422
  • Torque to ARINC-429 Converter
  • ARINC to RS-422 to Ethernet
  • RS-422/232 to 1553
  • and more.

For more information, visit the Kimdu website, or follow the links below.


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