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Designing High-Performance Real-Time Avionics Systems for Multi-core Processors

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February 18, 2022

Security and safety are critical to increasingly complex commercial and military avionics systems. Flight-critical performance for theses systems is driven by multicore processors with advanced security features that can be used with real-time operating systems (RTOSs) to meet safety and regulatory requirements for avionics systems.

On March 17 at 1 pm Est., Intel and Wind River experts cover the roles of hardware and software suppliers and application developers in meeting CAST-32A objectives, including how the newest Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Core™ processors combine with the Wind River VxWorks and Helix Platform in an online web seminar titled, "Designing High-Performance Real-Time Avionics Systems for Multi-core Processors."

To join the audience, register here.

During the event, James Coleman, Principal Engineer at Intel Corp., and Alex Wilson, Director of Aerospace and Defense Market, Wind River, will discuss how new processor technology and RTOS solutions help deliver safety, security, and real-time advances at the edge.

They will also dive into:

  • How Intel® Xeon® (Ice Lake-D) and Intel® Core™ (Tiger Lake UP3) processors can be used in developing high-performance, safety-critical avionics solutions
  • How DevSecOps & Development Methods & Tools play a part in avionics systems
  • How the FAA CAST-32A position paper defines objectives for the use of multicore processors in avionics systems
  • How the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE)™Technical Standard delivers easier, cost-effective, and safer new avionics systems
  • Support for DO-254 DAL C, DO-254 DAL A, and DO-178C safety certifications

John McHale, Editorial Director for Military Embedded Systems, will moderate the event.

To learn more about security for avionics systems and performing a Security Assessment please read the white paper titled “A Security Strategy for Avionics Systems.” For example, it discusses how “A Security Assessment covers part of the formal activities described by DO-356A as 'Certification Requirements.'” Read about it here.

For more on cybersecurity solutions, check out the white paper titled “Cybersecurity Trends in Aerospace and Defense Applications.” According to the white paper, “Aerospace and defense companies have a particularly difficult mission in protecting and maintaining mission-critical systems and insulating them from cybersecurity threats.” Read how to mitigate these threats here

There's also a webinar on "Protecting Sensitive Data and Algorithms At-Rest, In-Motion, and (Now) In Use." In it, Dale Reese, President of Idaho Scientific, and Michael Mehlberg of Star Lab Software use a Xilinx MPSoC device hardened with Wind River Titanium Linux and in-line memory hardware encryption IP to demonstrate how integrated solutions can secure today's military embedded systems from cyber threats.

Register here to learn more about the implementation.

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