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Nemesis II CBANemesis II CBA Connector IP68 20+ Meters

Today’s warfighters operate in a wide range of uncertain terrains and harsh environments, so their equipment is constantly exposed to elements like water, dust, dirt and mud that can disrupt connectivity and transmission of mission-critical data, signal and power.

ITT Cannon’s Nemesis II CBA Connector 20+ Meters is our next generation miniature circular for soldier-worn applications, offering a lightweight, space-saving interconnect that supports connectivity, reliability and performance in the harshest environments.

This innovative connector features IP68 Watertight Protection to 20+ Meters and is also designed to withstand excess dirt and debris. Its small, miniaturized design and weight-saving properties also help soldiers reduce physical load, improve mobility, maintain communication and receive mission-critical information when they need it most.

The Nemesis II CBA 20M+ blends high speed, high mating cycles and quick termination to perform in extreme conditions, making it ideally suited for battlefield communication devices and applications such as manpack and hand-held radios. Cannon Breakaway functionality, which is also featured on our Nemesis II CBA 20M+, allows soldiers to quickly clean the face of the connector, and then connect their devices in a matter of seconds — minimizing equipment damage and helping them stay better connected and better protected, no matter the conditions or environment.

Key Features

  • Watertight Protection IP68 (20+ Meters)
  • Cannon Breakaway functionality improves connectivity, reduces risk of injury and minimizes equipment damage
  • Spring-loaded Pogo Contacts enable high mating cycles (connection/disconnection), ensuring superior durability and reliability in the field
  • Highly engineered, blind mating design
  • Dual coupling capability
  • Easily terminates to wire, PCB and flex circuits 

Key Benefits

  • Highly engineered to withstand uncertain terrains and harsh environments including water ingress, water submersion, dirt and debris
  • Space-saving and weight-saving design packages and configurations that reduce physical load and improve overall mobility
  • Exceptional performance and reliability in extreme conditions

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