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British army Scout Specialist Vehicle program to run INTEGRITY RTOS from Green Hills Software


February 28, 2012

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

NUREMBERG, Germany. Officials at General Dynamics UK selected the INTEGRITY Real-Time-Operating-System (RTOS) from Green Hills Software in Santa Barbara, Calif., as the operating system software for all mission-critical computers within the Scout Specialist Vehicles (SV) program. Green Hills officials made the announcement at the Embedded World show this week in Nuremberg, Germany.

General Dynamics UK engineers are developing the system during the demonstration phase of the program. The Green Hills Software MULTI integrated development environment (IDE) also was selected to build application code to run on top of the INTEGRITY RTOS on all the computer subsystems within the vehicle.

Scout SV is a new armored vehicle that consists of several variants built on a common base platform. Starting variants include the Scout reconnaissance vehicle, repair vehicle Recce Armored Personnel Carrier, and recovery vehicle. All the vehicles share an open electronic architecture to enable lower life cycle cost on the expected 30-year life of the vehicles.

Plans call for the four main electronic subsystems on Scout SV to use Intel Core i5 and Core i7 multicore architectures running the INTEGRITY RTOS with each having its own display. These are used by the commander, driver, and gunner -- and there also is one additional terminal. The subsystems support defensive aids, driving controls, navigation tools, visual displays, and friend or foe recognition.

The visual displays will be able to receive live feeds from as many as seven video cameras. The real-time performance of the displays is necessary for avoiding motion sickness resulting from inconsistencies between visually and physically perceived data.

The demonstration phase calls for the development of seven Scout reconnaissance vehicle prototypes and supporting variants.

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