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CAE helps SOF overcome the fog of war (video)

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May 09, 2024

SOF WEEK 2024, TAMPA, Florida. CAE highlighted its critical role in equipping Special Operations Forces (SOF) with the tools to penetrate the fog of war through superior information management and decision-making technologies while exhibiting at SOF Week 2024 at the Tampa Convention Center this week.

Brought to you in partnership with CAE At SOF Week.

Francis Beaudette, Lt. Gen., U.S. Army (ret), Senior SOF Advisor, CAE Defense & Security, emphasized CAE's focus on delivering the right information at the right time, enabling SOF to make faster, more informed decisions in complex operational environments.

Leveraging cyber and space domains, CAE integrates data analytics and model-based simulations to enhance situational awareness, ultimately granting SOF a strategic advantage in modern, multifaceted battlefields

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