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Cubic mesh asset tracking technology to be deployed to Afghanistan for withdrawal


January 03, 2013

Brandon Lewis

Technology Editor

Embedded Computing Design

SAN DIEGO, CA. Cubic Global Tracking Solutions has been awarded three U.S. Army and GSA Schedule orders to expand its Mesh Asset Tag (MAT) tracking technology to two U.S. bases located in Afghanistan. The orders, worth roughly $4.8 million, will deliver thousands of MATs to bases in Kandahar and Bagram, where they will be used to process and track equipment being returned to the U.S. or redeployed as the withdrawal from Afghanistan begins to take effect.

Along with its Web-based Device Management Center (DMC) asset visibility system, the mesh network technology consists of GPS receivers integrated into battery-operated mesh tags. This allows the solutions to be attached to vehicles and link wirelessly to each other, creating a secure data communications network. The asset visibility system then allows logistics personnel to track vehicle locations using the DMC database.

“As we draw down our forces in Afghanistan, there will be large movements of units and materials through the supply chains which are not always under U.S. control,” commented Jim Kilfeather, Vice President of Cubic Global Tracking Solutions. “Our system improves visibility in the Army supply chain to allow more efficient and secure processing of valuable equipment for retrograde movement outside of Afghanistan, and will help improve compliance with Army Wash Rack requirements for cleaning, tracking and monitoring of vehicles,” he continued, “To the Army, this means a significant reduction in total turn time, as well as a better managed and predictable logistics flow to ports like Karachi.”

Cubic will deliver the roughly $4.8 million orders to the U.S. Army Logistics Innovation Agency and Army Sustainment Command as a subcontractor of ARINC, Inc.’s Next Generation Wireless Communications contract and Army Mobility Asset Tracking System (AMATS) program.


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