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SOF Week 'Win' Day panel: The Role of SOF in Counter-Terrorism and Crisis Response


May 09, 2023

RADM Milton "Jamie" Sands III, Commander - USSOCOM Africa

SOF WEEK 2023 - TAMPA, Fla. The final panel for “Win” Day consists of leaders and experts on how Special Operations Forces (SOF) can continue to be the nation’s most effective counter to terrorism and an essential tool in responding to crises and threats to U.S. interests globally.

Much like crisis response, SOF’s ability to disrupt and even out-compete VEOs has moved from the forefront of our thinking to being part of our enduring, no-fail, steady-state operations. Every strategic choice comes with risk, and when it takes only one terrorist event in the homeland to deliver strategic impact, the nation must carefully understand the risk and resource solutions accordingly. 


Lieutenant General (Ret.) Michael Nagata, Senior Vice President - CACI


Ms. Christine Abizaid, Director - National Counter Terrorism Center

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Scott Howell , Former Commander, Joint Special Operations Command

The Honorable Anne Patterson, Kissinger Senior Fellow, Jackson School of Global Affairs - Yale University

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Kenneth Tovo, Chairman - Green Beret Foundation

Rear Admiral Milton "Jamie" Sands III, Commander - U.S. Special Operations Command Africa

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