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Gen4 NVMe Flash Storage Array (FSA4000)

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FSA4000The FSA4000 end-to-end PCIe Gen4 NVMe all-flash-array is comprised of an OSS Flash Storage Array (FSA) and the 2U Expansion Optimized Server (EOS) or all-in-one rugged solution with optional JBOF, data recorder or SAN storage software. The FSA4000 stores at speeds up to 56GB/s using a Gen4 path from the latest AMD Gen4 CPUs to Gen4 NVMe slots and Gen4 or Gen3 NVMe drives to maximize storage throughput in a flexible platform.

The 4U Flash Storage Array is a 4U Rackmount Enclosure with up to 16 total Gen 3 or Gen 4 NVMe FHFL AICs. It features two 2000-watt 1+1 redundant power supplies and superior cooling with four variable speed fans. There are up to two PCIe x16 Gen 4 cable connections to the host server.

The 2U Gen4 EOS server revolutionizes the capabilities of homogeneous systems containing closely coupled processors, NVMe storage and accelerator co-processing elements such as GPGPUs and FPGAs. The 2U Gen4 EOS contains the newest AMD Epyc 7002 series processors and provides the widest compatibility with dense accelerator expansion systems. It features up to seven PCIe 4.0 ½ height slots and supports 24 2.5" SATA, SAS or NVMe drives. The server features motherboards optimized to support up 7 PCIe 4.0 NVMe flash cards, advanced network interfaces and supports up to 3TB of memory mapped IO for memory intensive GPUs and accelerators.


  • 4U Rackmount Enclosure
  • Up to 16 total Gen 3 or Gen 4 NVMe FHFL AICs
  • Two 2000-watt 1+1 redundant power supplies
  • Superior Cooling with four variable speed fans
  • Up to two PCIe x16 Gen4 cable connections to host server
  • Features AMD Epyc 7002 processor motherboards
  • Eight PCIe 3.0 Expansion Slots
  • Guaranteed to work with expansion
  • Up to 24 2.5" drives

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