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Innodisk's flash storage and DRAM modules meet all of today's aerospace and defense application requirements

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The aerospace and defense industries require the most rugged storage products that can handle environmental challenges, such as shock and vibration, and extreme temperatures. These products must also handle vital security challenges, such as protecting sensitive data and preventing data breaches. Also working with storage vendors that can provide long-term support and ensure the long-term availability of products is crucial.

As a result, it is important for manufacturers not only to use the right storage products for aerospace and defense applications but also to work with the right storage vendors.

InnoRobust® feature set

Innodisk's dedicated flash and DRAM products with our InnoRobust® feature set provide mission-critical performance for the aerospace and defense sectors. Our products are fully compliant with aerospace and defense standards, and are built with a wide array of features to ensure outstanding performance in extreme environments. With our InnoRobust feature set, we are able to guarantee that our storage and memory modules are fully protected against heat, dust, extreme cold and heat, shock, vibration, and other environmental stresses. In addition, we apply industry-leading data protection technologies to keep sensitive information secure. Our flash storage and DRAM modules are also backed by a dedicated engineering support team, and come with BOM control and flexible customization options.

This series of products are fully compliant with aerospace and defense standards as below:

  • MIL-STD-810F/G Compliant
    Military-Grade System Design Standard
  • MIL-I-46058C Compliant
    Silicone and Conformal Coating Standard

The InnoRobust feature set delivers all the operational robustness and ruggedness needed in defense industry environments:

  • Rugged Design
    Compliant with the United States Military Standard MIL-STD-810F/G. DRAM modules also extend the JEDEC SO-DIMM standard by 10 mm.
  • Conformal Coating
    Our flash and DRAM storage products are compliant with the MIL-I-46058C silicone conformal coating standard for protection against moisture, dust, and chemicals.
  • iData Guard (Available for flash only.)
    iData Guard is our patented Power Cycling data management system, which helps to ensure SSD data integrity after sudden power outages.
  • iCell Power Failure Management (Available for flash only.)
    Our iCell technology uses buffer management to store data in volatile DRAM, to prevent the loss of valuable data during sudden power failures.
  • Advanced Data Security (Available for flash only.)
    Our comprehensive data security suite for SSDs includes QEraser, SEraser, write protect, and self-destruct functions.
  • Physical Data Destruction (Available for flash only.)
    A self-destructing design initiated through high voltage being supplied to an SSD to destroy its controller IC and flash IC.

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