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Per Vices specializes in building very high performance radio products and it’s Cyan SDR is the highest performance software defined radio (SDR) commercially available. Cyan offers DC to 18 GHz tuning range (with option up to 40 GHz), up to 16 independent radio chains (Rx or Tx) with each having 1 GHz or 3 GHz RF bandwidth and 16 bit (or 12 bit) convertors. The backhaul options include 4 x 40G giving an impressive 160 Gbps throughout or  4 x 100G resulting in an unmatched 400 Gbps backhaul. It provides unparalleled power and reliability in a variety of applications such as spectrum monitoring, radar, aerospace, test & measurement, electronic warfare, defense, communications, satellite ground stations, and GNSS/GPS. Per Vices further offers data storage and additional processing systems in the form of host systems.

Cyan is easily integrated into a variety of applications for new programs or service life extension programs (SLEPs), and features an Intel Stratix 10 SoC FPGA with a vast amount of FPGA resources available for onboard processing and the incorporation of third party IP. The MIMO, full duplex, offering along with unmatched bandwidth, enables large amounts of data to be captured across a vast spectrum. Cyan uses the VITA-49 standard, a version of UHD, and is compatible with GNU Radio. Per Vices also offers other SDRs including Crimson TNG and Chestnut, that offer best in class performance and specifications for less demanding applications. 

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Per Vices Corporation is a software defined radio manufacturer that has extensive experience in developing, manufacturing, and integrating software defined radios into spectrum monitoring, aerospace, civil, military, low latency radio links, GNSS, radar, and test and measurement applications. They offer both COTS and custom products, rapid custom development, and full integration support to meet customer specific modifications and project requirements.

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