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RF Center of Excellence opened in Denver by Lockheed Martin for satellite and communication applications


July 08, 2015

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

DENVER. Officials at Lockheed Martin have carved out a niche in the Rocky Mountains for their new Radio Frequency (RF) Center of Excellence, which will focus on the development new RF payloads for satellite sensing and communication applications. It will be located at the company's Denver facility.

Engineers at the center will develop reconfigurable RF payloads and for applications ranging from high-definition television broadcasts to GPS transmissions and secure government communications.

Company officials say that bringing together researchers, manufacturers and analysts under one rook will help reduce cost and accelerate development by improving schedule, cutting down transportation expenses, and enhancing collaboration between related teams.

The facility co-locates the majority of payload development, production and testing, which is a first-of-it's-kind effort for Lockheed Martin.

The RF Payload Center of Excellence will reinvent the process of payload development through advanced technology research and streamlined manufacturing.

The RF team will leverage Lockheed Martin’s Digital Tapestry that uses the same set of digital information to interweave virtual design, 3-D printing, and automated assembly, test, and inspection. This digital approach maximizes common products, reduces cost and cycle times, and it mirrors the payload strategy of the Optical Payload Center of Excellence, which Lockheed Marting opened earlier this year.

RF payload components are key for all space missions as one or more RF subsystems are embedded in every spacecraft the company makes. Via its partnerships with suppliers and research universities, experts at the center will develop a variety of technologies commonly integrated in RF payloads, such as antennas, arrays, and transmitters for the full spectrum of bandwidth.

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