Military Embedded Systems

Aeroflex Voltage Supervisor enables power supply monitoring in hi-rel FPGAs, DSPs, ASICS, and microprocessors


July 17, 2012

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

MIAMI. Aeroflex Colorado Springs is showcasing their new Voltage Supervisor at the Nuclear Space and Radiation Effects Conference (NSREC) in Miami this week. The line, which has four products, enables users to reduce circuit quantity and complexity for monitoring and sequencing power supplies in systems that use microprocessors, ASICS, DSPs, and FPGAs used in high reliability (HiRel) environments.

The Voltage Supervisors come with 3.3V and 5V supplies over the full military temperature range of -55 to +125 degrees Celsius , 300 kilorads(Si), and are Single Event Latch-Up (SEL) immune to >110 MeV-cm2/mg.

Aeroflex’s UT04VS33P and UT04VS50P four (4) channel Voltage Supervisors can monitor and sequence as many as four different voltage supplies, thereby improving system reliability and accuracy. Aeroflex’s single channel Voltage Supervisor with a Watch Dog Timer can monitor a single supply, or may be combined with other four channel or single channel devices to monitor multiple numbers of supplies, enabling design flexibility in power supply monitoring solutions.

Aeroflex engineers recognized that many systems no longer have a 5V supply so they made sure the Voltage Supervisors come with a 3.3V supply, says David Kerwin, Aeroflex Colorado Springs Director-Mixed Signal Products.

The Voltage Supervisor has a single chip solution for power supply monitoring and sequencing of the UT699 LEON 3FT Microprocessor. The VOUT pins can enable the UT7R995 Clock Generator, and work well for enabling or disabling the Aeroflex VRG8692 Voltage Regulator.

The UT01VS50L and UT01VS50D come in 8-lead flatpacks, while the UT04VS33P and UT04VS50P are available in 28-lead flatpacks. All are Q and Q+ qualified and will be available to Standard Microcircuit Drawings. QML V accreditation also will be available. The UT04VS33P, QML Q, in lots of 100, is priced at $997, which is less than $250 per monitored power supply.

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