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Senseeker Engineering acquires cryogenic test equipment manufacturer SE-IR Corp.


March 02, 2021

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif. Senseeker Engineering, a company that designs and makes digital infrared image-sensing technology, has completed the acquisition of SE-IR Corporation, a maker of cryogenic test equipment and electronics.

According to a news release announcing the deal, Senseeker officials regard the combination of Senseeker’s advanced digital readout IC technology and SE-IR’s industry standard test Dewars and electronics as "a highly complementary amalgam that will enable focal plane array (FPA) developers to expedite their FPA development and evaluation process."

Senseeker and SE-IR share a common customer base of FPA developers that hybridize Senseeker-designed digital readout ICs to create infrared image sensors, then use SE-IR’s test equipment to evaluate FPA operation at cryogenic temperatures. Bringing together the readout IC design and cryogenic test equipment design under a single company, says the news release, will help to simplify and expedite the FPA development process for Senseeker’s customers; the combined entity will be a more valuable supply-chain partner and a one-stop shop for sensor houses, simplifying their supply chains.

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