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Built-in-Test plays a key role in system integrity - Story

May 09, 2008
Often perceived as just a tick in the box during the selection process, Built-in-Test (BIT) is an invaluable component of modular, embedded systems that are used for critical applications such as avionics mission systems, sensors, and weapons.

Multicomputer software development systems come of age - Story

April 02, 2008
It was not so long ago that the typical DSP development package was a set of optimized libraries, plus a port to the industry standard Vector Signal Image Processing Library (VSIPL) and a driver for an RTOS. While these are still essential elements for algorithm development, the platforms that host DSP applications have become much more complex.

Inside Ethernet switch source code - Story

July 20, 2007
The U.S. Navy has been using Ethernet for many years in combat systems, but many other types of platforms are also turning to Ethernet for its ease and economy of implementation, its wealth of hardware support, and its performance.

Embedded computing systems take IPv6 switches to heart - Story

December 01, 2006
Military operations have seen a massive emphasis shift from the physical domain of the soldier, tank, or combat aircraft to the informational and intelligence domains. This drive toward tactical awareness domination will be the key to the efficiency and speed of military operations in the future networked digital battlefield