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GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.
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Sonar processing: Back to basics - Story

July 03, 2015
Like the rest of the world, the oceans and the vast spaces beneath them are growing more dangerous. International adversaries are projecting power more aggressively with fighting ships and submarines. Smaller, quieter vessels are being employed, and reverberation-rich littoral waters are now key to protecting shorelines. Sonars and sonar processing need to keep up with the threat.

Getting the most out of ARINC 429 - Story

June 09, 2015
Four decades old and counting, the ARINC 429 bus protocol is going strong. Its presence on the A310/320, A330/340, B737, B747, B757, B767, and MD-11 means that it will be popular for many years to come. Even more recent products with highly integrated avionics architectures - such as the B777, B787, and A380 - still use 429 buses to transport sensor data. The same is true for military platforms based on commercial aircraft, including the Navy's P-8 Poseidon.

The promise of COM Express - Story

April 30, 2015
Cost pressures continue to bedevil military programs. Years of fighting have taken a toll on equipment, while years of sequestration have made upgrading or replacing the equipment more difficult. Budget constraints require everyone involved to pay the utmost attention to life cycle costs at all levels of procurement.

VME obsolescence prompts thoughts of alternatives - Story

March 23, 2015
A supplier of a small but important VME component recently announced that the part will go obsolete this year. In all probability, the manufacturer plans to move on from VME to something in greater demand from the commercial world. Although the move was hardly surprising in the larger scheme of things, it made news in the corner of the electronics market devoted to the embedded-computing systems used in military and aerospace platforms.

Air-flow-through (AFT) cooling licensed to GE by Northrop Grumman - News

March 11, 2015
LINTHICUM, Md. Northrop Grumman Corp. officials grant-ed GE Intelligent Platforms a license to use Northrop Grumman’s AFT (air-flow-through) cooling technology that is used to improve the cooling of high-power electronics.

British army SCOUT SV program to use Ethernet switches, video servers, data servers from GE Intelligent Platforms - News

February 03, 2015
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. General Dynamics UK awarded GE Intelligent Platforms with $100 million in orders for open architecture, embedded computing subsystems that General Dynamics UK will use onboard the British army’s SCOUT Specialist Vehicle (SV) platforms.