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Articles related to Curtiss-Wright

Preparing for lead-free electronics - Story

October 27, 2009
The rapid adoption of lead-free solder is the most significant change brought to the defense market as a result of RoHS and WEEE influences. However, many military and aerospace equipment integrators, vendors, and end users are wary of using lead-free materials because of concerns about long-term reliability, temperature, and harsh military environmental use.

Transporting and recording high volumes of sensor data - Story

September 23, 2009
With today's high-volume transmission of data generated by ground- and air-based surveillance radar and various types of sonar, many modern military embedded applications are migrating to 10 GbE.

COTS vendors speed FPGA development cycle - Story

August 14, 2009
FPGAs' complexity and inherent flexibility necessitate prequalified tools, IP components, and a coherent development framework to keep tight project control. Consequently, COTS vendors are rising to the challenge of developers' maturing expectations by continuously improving toolsets and product integration.

COTS steps up to embedded computing security - Story

June 17, 2009
Though migrating to IPv6 gives higher security levels, reverse engineering is also a threat should technology fall into the wrong hands. However, precautions can prevent the enemy from unraveling national secrets hidden within firmware, software, or hardware.

New mezzanine standard supports multi-GHz signal acquisition - Story

May 16, 2009
Vendors producing off-the-shelf FPGA wares face the issue of offering the greatest flexibility with the fewest design iterations. Accordingly, VITA 57 (FPGA Mezzanine Card or FMC) is bridging FPGA I/O capability and the external world.

JPEG2000 cuts delays in digital video distribution - Story

March 20, 2009
Digital video distribution is a major growth area - and not just on traditional surveillance platforms such as naval combat systems, maritime patrol aircraft, or armored scout vehicles. Digital distribution removes the straitjacket of wired analog distribution, with discrete cables per video source, enabling video to be distributed over multiple carriers over long distances and at high quality and high resolutions.

More power to ground vehicle systems - Story

February 10, 2009
As the roles and missions of ground vehicles become more complex, the demands placed on their electrical power generation and distribution systems have increased dramatically. Even light, high-mobility vehicles, such as the ubiquitous High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), are being mounted with sensor, weapon, and communications systems requiring much greater generating capacity than they were originally designed to provide.