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Migrating legacy middleware to multicore environments - Story

February 21, 2011
Multicore microprocessors in embedded defense systems are becoming ubiquitous. Embedded systems have specialized requirements, such as heat dissipation and battery life, that restrict the ability to simply crank up the clock speed of a processor. Embedded microprocessor designers grappling with these physical limitations have turned to multicore architectures as a preferred method for continuing geometric performance improvements. Multicore ARM and PowerPC chips are already available, and Intel is pushing its low-power multicore processors into embedded designs. For defense system architects updating legacy systems with new capabilities, incorporating a multicore processor can require an analysis and development effort that extends well beyond the traditional software port.

Digital Molecular Matter: Realistic material damage for military training simulations using real-time Finite Element Analysis - Story

September 19, 2008
Depicting material damage in military simulations has traditionally been a labor-intensive and expensive proposition. Now a new technology called Digital Molecular Matter (DMM), in conjunction with real-time Finite Element Analysis (FEA), promises to drastically improve simulation realism while reducing development time and cost.