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VPT, Inc.

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Blacksburg, VA 24060
VPT, Inc.
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VPT releases 5W dual output DC-DC converter for MIL-COTS programs - News

November 27, 2012
ELECTRONICA, MUNICH, GERMANY. VPT Inc. announced the VPT5-2800D DC-DC converter at electronica earlier this month. The dual output COTS power converter provides up to 5 W of power from a six-sided metal package that measures in with a small footprint of roughly one square inch.

DC-DC Converters for Hi-Rel COTS, Avionics/Military, and Space Applications - Eletter Product

October 02, 2012
Whatever your mission, consider it accomplished with VPT's 3 lines of DC-DC power converters, point of load converters, and accessories. Modules are efficient and reliable, carry a 20 year proven rugged duty heritage, are MIL-STD compliant, and ship to you from stock.

SVGA point of load DC-DC converters for space - Product

September 03, 2012
The SVGA Series 10A and 15A POL devices from VPT in Everett, WA are non-isolated, regulated buck DC-DC converters that reduce voltage by a step-down process at the point of use in a distributed power system. There is a big push toward power distributed architectures for space applications,...

VPT's SVGA point of load DC-DC converters for space get DLA drawings - News

July 18, 2012
MIAMI. Engineers at VPT in Everett, Wash., announced at the Nuclear Space Radiation Effects Conference (NSREC) this week in Miami that the Defense Logistics Agency issued Standard Microcircuit Drawings (SMDs) for the company?s SVGA Series point of load DC-DC converters for space radiation environments.

New! 15W Dual Output DC-DC Converter for Avionics/Mil Power Systems - Eletter Product

April 09, 2012
Enjoy zero cross regulation error plus tight line and load regulation with VPT's new DVAB Series of dual output DC-DC converters. These converters pack 15W into a small size with a hermetic package for rugged avionics/military duty.