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VPT, Inc.
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COTS power converter comes on line at VPT Inc. for "New Space" market - News

March 01, 2024


BLACKSBURG, Va. High-reliability power conversion provider VPT Inc. (a Heico company) launched its new VSC100-2800S DC-DC converter, a new entrant in its VSC Series of space COTS [commercial off-the-shelf] DC-DC converters designed for use in the so-called New Space market.  


VPT Introduces VSC Series of Space COTS Converters - Press Release

July 25, 2022

VPT, Inc. (VPT®), a HEICO company (NYSE:HEI.A) (NYSE:HEI), introduces the VSC Series of commercial off the shelf (COTS) products intended for "New Space" applications as part of our space product line. The VSC Series has been characterized for Total Ionizing Dose (TID) performance including Low Dose Rate (LDR) and for Single Event Effects according to VPT's Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA) plan. The series is designed for smaller satellites in low earth orbits (LEO), and NASA Class D missions where the balance of cost and guaranteed performance is critical.


DC-DC converter steps down at point of end use - Product

June 05, 2018
VPT, Inc. engineers developed and designed the DVPL0503S Point of Load DC-DC converter in such a way that it can be used alone or in conjunction with traditional isolated DC-DC converters as part of a distributed power system. The DVPL is a non-isolated, synchronous, buck-regulated convert...

Wide-range DC-DC converters power military electronics - Story

November 16, 2015
Advanced power-conversion topologies achieve both wide input voltage range and high efficiency, enabling modular DC-DC converters to satisfy military power bus requirements and simplify power electronic-system design.

A power solution for space applications - Product

June 14, 2015
VPT’s SVR Series of DC-DC converters deliver a power solution for the low-Earth orbit (LEO), medium-Earth orbit (MEO), geostationary orbit (GEO), deep space, and launch programs. The SVR series is rad-hard qualified to MIL-PRF-38534 Class K on DLA SMDs, and designed for TOR complianc...