Military Embedded Systems

Achieving Data Interoperability for Modern Military Forces


September 27, 2021

 Achieving Data Interoperability for Modern Military ForcesData interoperability (DI), the successful exchange of data between systems, is critical for modern military systems. Without it, actionable information derived from the data cannot be shared among systems and troops, or the shared data may be misinterpreted, such as the identity and/or location of a threat in a battlespace. 

Fortunately, electronic systems’ standardization enables DI, and the adoption of open standards makes DI possible at different network communications layers, such as physical and data layers. Modular system architectures enhance DI and allow upgrades as needed. This white paper details U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) expectations for DI and how defense contractors meet those requirements. This white paper also examines the meaning of DI in modern systems and its relationship to information interoperability. The use of open standards and a modular system architecture allow secure and reliable DI with many benefits for modern military systems users.

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