Military Embedded Systems

B-52 radar upgrades for U.S. Air Force begin


June 02, 2023

Dan Taylor

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

B-52 radar upgrades for U.S. Air Force begin

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma. The first B-52 aircraft from the U.S. Air Force has arrived at Boeing to begin the initial phase of the Radar Modernization Program (RMP), according to a company announcement.

The RMP seeks to equip the B-52 with enhanced radar capabilities similar to those found in modern fighters. The new radar will not only improve navigation accuracy, targeting, and tracking, but also offer high-resolution mapping, and it is also designed to engage multiple targets concurrently, the statement reads.

The upgraded radar system forms a part of a larger effort to maintain the B-52's relevance as the Air Force transitions to a two-bomber platform strategy. It enhances the aircraft's ability to provide both close air support and strategic attack capabilities, the company says.

Upon successful completion of the radar program's Critical Design Review, Boeing has now initiated low-rate production of the new radar system for operational testing and evaluation, according to the statement. The modernization efforts will be conducted at Boeing sites located in Oklahoma City and San Antonio.

Further upgrades under the RMP include the implementation of a new wide-band radome, high-definition touchscreen displays, display sensor system processors, hand controllers, and a modern active electronically scanned array radar.

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