Military Embedded Systems

High-flex cable from Times Microwave Systems aimed at use in industrial, unmanned applications


April 11, 2023

Image courtesy Times Microwave Systems

WALLINGFORD, Ct. Times Microwave Systems announced the release of its new XtendedFlex 178 continuous flex coaxial cable, aimed at applications that need materials that can handle constant motion and flexibility,

The XtendedFlex 178 is the first cable offered in the new XtendedFlex product line, which is intended to evolved to be used in a range of industrial automation applications, including unmanned technologies such as electric vertical takeoff vehicles, other unmanned aerial vehicles (UASs), and other autonomous vehicles like skid loaders.

“The XF-178 combines flexibility and performance, making it a highly reliable option for industrial automation applications," said Kevin Moyher, Product Manager at Times Microwave Systems. “This new product builds on our unparalleled legacy of designing, manufacturing, and testing high-performance coaxial cable assemblies for ultra-demanding applications, including aerospace, medical, military and defense, space, and more, to enable new technological innovations.”