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Expanding the horizons of RF connector designs for harsh military environments - Story

October 16, 2023

In the realm of aerospace and defense, robust and reliable radio-frequency (RF) systems for mission-critical applications are critically important. They serve as the backbone for a range of vital technologies, including satellite communication, electronic warfare, intelligence, missile guidance, radar, hypersonic systems, and more. Meeting the high demands of these advanced technologies and ensuring they perform without fail in variable and extreme environments requires continuous evolution of hardware components and interconnect solutions.


Sustainment: A critical component of military avionics development - Story

May 11, 2023

The defense industry relies on durable, dependable RF [radio frequency] systems for mission-critical military avionics applications, such as electronic warfare (EW), to enable continuous real-time data transmission with high accuracy. These systems must be extremely reliable and offer consistently high performance for many years in demanding, confined, and variable environments within the airframe. This creates unique requirements for the custom RF interconnect solutions that support them.


High-flex cable from Times Microwave Systems aimed at use in industrial, unmanned applications - Product

April 11, 2023

WALLINGFORD, Ct. Times Microwave Systems announced the release of its new XtendedFlex 178 continuous flex coaxial cable, aimed at applications that need materials that can handle constant motion and flexibility,


High-performance microwave assembly from Times Microwave enables inside- and between-box connections - Product

March 27, 2023

WALLINGFORD, Ct. Times Microwave Systems has introduced its new InstaBend 141 (IB-141) high-performance microwave assembly that is aimed at both inside-the-box and between-box connections in such applications as space flight, thermal vacuum, microwave test, and many other commercial and military applications.


Adding new high-frequency capabilities to military avionics applications - Story

April 26, 2022

Radio frequency (RF) system manufacturers are creating advanced new system designs to accommodate extremely restricted space constraints and rising operating frequencies in military avionics applications.


Don't let supply-chain disruptions knock your projects off schedule – navigate roadblocks and stay on track - Blog

February 09, 2022

In today’s unusually challenging environment, companies may need to look for workarounds to stay on track regarding supply chain and delivery. Some electronics companies are learning the hard way that supply-chain resilience is a critical qualification for doing business, whether in their own or in their business partners' and suppliers' operations. These lessons will change the way organizations consider procurement and production decisions for the future.


Powering high-performance, ultrareliable RF systems in military electronics - Story

December 03, 2021

Military radio frequency (RF) systems must be designed to withstand the rigors of the often-harsh environments in which they will be used, while at the same time achieving extremely high performance for mission-critical applications. Low-smoke, zero-halogen, and phase-stable cable assemblies for these RF systems fulfill these high-reliability needs.