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Isola Group highlights higher-frequency circuits with practical material solutions at IMS 2023


June 12, 2023

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Image courtesy Isola Group

IEEE INTERNATIONAL MICROWAVE SYMPOSIUM (IMS) 2023, SAN DIEGO. Advanced electronic-circuit firm Isola Group is showing its lines of laminates and prepreg materials for RF, microwave, millimeter-wave (mmWave), and photonics circuits at this week's IMS show in San Diego. 

Among the materials Isola is showing at the symposium is Astra MT77, a low-loss material when used for printed circuit boards at high frequencies; the circuit materials are characterized by a low dielectric constant (Dk) of 3.00 as measured through its thickness or z-axis at 10 GHz. It maintains consistent electrical and mechanical attributes across wide operating temperature ranges in support of military and commercial applications at mmWave frequencies, including airborne radar and advanced driver assistance systems. Designers seeking higher Dk values to enable miniaturization of circuit structures for a given frequency or wavelength -- in support of reduced circuit size, weight, and power (SWaP) in military and aerospace applications -- can look at the company's I-Tera MT40 laminate and prepreg materials, which come with a choice of Dk values: 3.38, 3.45, 3.60, and 3.75, all as measured through the thickness or z-axis of the material at 10 GHz.

Isola Group will also be showing its halogen-free materials at IMS, with example circuits on its TerraGreen laminates and TerraGreen 400G laminates and prepregs, which the company says enables outstanding performance in ultra-high-speed digital circuits requiring halogen-free circuit materials.

Show attendees may visit the Isola Group at Booth #2235.

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