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2020 State of the VITA Technology Industry - Spring Edition


April 30, 2020

Ray Alderman

VITA Standards Organization

My report covers the state of the VITA technology industry in particular and of the board and system industry in general, in markets such as aerospace, defense, space, industrial, and more.

The world auto industry is being destroyed by Greta Thunberg, technology, world economic conditions, and the coronavirus. The commercial aircraft business is being destroyed by bad engineering, graft and corruption, and the coronavirus. Europeans are trying to figure-out what to build instead of automobiles as that industry declines. Tanks and warships and warplanes look promising. EU authorities are scrambling for something else to tax now that England is gone from the Union. Turkey has entered the wars in Iraq, Syria, and Libya while Iran is being attacked by UFOs.

I’m not making this stuff up! Read it all here.


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