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ADSR-4003 Advanced Data Server and Recorder

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ADSR-400The compact Advanced Data Server and Recorder (ADSR) series are instrumentation recorders with a built-in data acquisition and file server capability. Weighing only 5 lb (2.3 kg), the ADSR reduces both size and weight by ~50% compared to traditional alternatives, while supporting data storage up to 768 GB. Designed to provide high-speed Ethernet data capture in rugged environments, these small form-factor recorders support an extensive variety of data types via up to four plug-in I/O modules.

The ADSR allows critical data to be “cherry picked” in real-time from the bulk data collected and recorded from the busses. The cherry-picked data can be packaged into PCM and sent via an RF link for real-time monitoring, for example, to a ground mission control room. The ADSR capability for real-time sifting for critical data enables transmission of mission critical data over the bandwidth limited RF telemetry links. At the same time, the bulk data (e.g. video, bus, and sensor) is recorded on three separate cartridges for post-mission analysis.

The ADSR-4003 has two 1000BASE-T Ethernet ports and can accept up to three removable solid-state memory cartridges (sold separately). The ADSR-4003 memory cartridges (DTDs) use Serial ATA (SATA)-based media and are available in industrial or commercial temperature versions. Data can be downloaded from the cartridges using one of the ADSR’s Gigabit Ethernet ports, by using the DTU-2000 desktop Data Transfer Unit or using FTP. The ADSR-4003 supports a serial console port for unit diagnosis, maintenance and configuration.

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