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ADTR1107: 6 GHz to 18 GHz, Front-End IC

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The ADTR1107 is a compact, 6 GHz to 18 GHz, front-end IC with an integrated power amplifier, low noise amplifier and reflective single-pole double-throw switch at the antenna port. 

ADTR1107These integrated features make the device ideal for phased array antenna and radar applications. The IC offers 25 dBm of saturated output power and 22 dB small-signal gain in transmit state and 18 dB small-signal gain and 2.5 dB noise figure (including the T/R switch) in receive state.  The device has a directional coupler at the output of the PA for power detection and input/outputs are internally matched to 50 Ω. The IC is supplied in a 5 mm × 5 mm, 24-terminal, land grid array package.  The ADTR1107 Front End IC is designed to work seamlessly with the ADAR1000 beamforming IC. The ADAR1000 includes all the bias controls necessary to drive the ADTR1107 LNA, PA and transmit/receive switch.  Pulsing of the ADTR1107 is achieved via the gate voltage while the drain is held constant.  The ADAR1000 puts out enough power to saturate the ADTR1107 in transmit mode while the ADTR1107 is designed to survive the total reflected power in the case of a shorted antenna at the output of the SPDT switch.  Four ADTR1107 IC’s may be paired with a single ADAR1000 to fit within the approximately half-wavelength lattice spacing desirable for many planar phased array antennas.  The ADTR1107 may also be operated independently for applications that require the front-end IC alone.

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