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Compact & Ruggedized I/O System for Control & Monitoring Applications

Press Release

May 17, 2021

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United Electronic Industries (UEI) is pleased to announce the release of its new rugged, flexible, and compact UEIPAC BRICK4 I/O system which is an ideal solution for any application that may be exposed to extreme environments or either liquid or particulate contamination.

The unit’s footprint is extremely small and with a IP/NEMA rating, it is ideal for a huge assortment of commercial and military applications, including jet engine test stands, flight line systems, oil drilling platforms and refineries, heavy machinery and any other areas that will be exposed to harsh elements.

The UEIPAC BRICK4 offers slots for 4 I/O boards, and with over 85 unique UEI I/O boards, there is sure to be a configuration matching your application. Sealed dSUB I/O connectors ensure pinout compatibility with all of UEI’s popular DNx-series I/O boards. Ethernet connections are made through standard M12 connectors, ensuring compatibility with industry standard cables. The DNR-BRICK4 may be powered via standard 4 pair PoE++ (802.3bt) compatible Ethernet ports. Redundant power sources may be used via the 25-pin dSub connector, and the primary source is programmable. For non-POE applications, the chassis requires 9-36 VDC. An optional AC/DC power supply is available (DNA-PSU-60). Built-in power supply voltage monitoring offers health and usage monitoring. Heat transfer from the internal electronics to the external chassis is designed such that no fans or rotary cooling is required. The lack of fans maximizes MTBF and mechanical reliability.

UEIPAC BRICK4 allows for the flexibility to run various software drivers supporting all popular operating systems including Windows, Linux, QNX, VxWorks, RTX, and other popular Real-Time OSs. UEI also provides you with a variety of programming options including C, C++, C#, Python, and applications like LabVIEW, Simulink, and much more. Plus, the system is backed by UEI’s 10-Yr Availability Guarantee and 3-Yr Standard Hardware Warranty, ensuring your application will be sustainable for years to come.

The UEIPAC BRICK4 is available for purchase starting at $3,850.00. Call 508-921-4600 or email [email protected] for delivery options. For more information, please visit

About United Electronic Industries, Inc.
UEI’s family of rugged chassis and extensive selection of over 85 I/O boards dominates the simulation, test and data acquisition markets in aerospace, defense, industrial and transportation applications. UEI’s customers include tier 1 aerospace, defense, space and industrial companies, and all branches of the military. UEI’s world class customer support and service enable rapid customer deployment and seamless integration into virtually any popular software environment including LabVIEW, Simulink/MATLAB, .NET, Java as well as C/C++. UEI headquarters is located at 249 Vanderbilt Avenue, Norwood, MA 02062. Additional UEI offices located in the UK and Germany.

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