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High-voltage HEMP filters from API protects sensitive electronic equipment


September 18, 2014

High-voltage HEMP filters from API protects sensitive electronic equipment

ORLANDO, Fla. API Technologies Corp. is now offering high-voltage High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) filters that are designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment for military and telecommunications applications.

The high-voltage HEMP filters and surge suppressors ensure the continued performance of critical communication, defense systems, and infrastructure from potentially destructive energy transients such as electronic pulses, electrostatic discharge, nuclear electromagnetic pulse, lightning strikes, and line surges.

The HEMP filter exhibits a high off-state impedance, so it appears transparent to the circuits it protects. If a voltage exceeding the switching voltage is applied, the HEMP filter/suppressor circuit switches to very low impedance, shunting the potential damaging energy to ground. It then remains in a state of low impedance until the current flow is either interrupted or the transient voltage drops to a safe level. Once this happens, the filter resets, returning back to a high off-state impedance.

"Our high voltage HEMP filters can quell most unexpected changes in voltage caused by an unpredicted occurrence like a surge of high voltage or current pulse. This not only protects the electronics, but increases the reliability of the system and decreases system downtime due to maintenance," says Jason Russolese, director of global sales and marketing for API Technologies.

Each HEMP filter has a clamping voltage range from 8 V to 700 V and a capacitance rating of less than 5 pF per circuit.

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