Military Embedded Systems

New GSC6204 GPU designed for aerospace and defense


June 12, 2020

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

New GSC6204 GPU designed for aerospace and defense

ANDOVER, Mass. Mercury Systems, Inc., company specializing in secure mission-critical technologies for aerospace and defense, unveiled the new GSC6204 OpenVPX 6U NVIDIA Turing architecture-based graphics processing unit (GPU) co-processing engine, aiming to provide accelerated high-performance computing capabilities to commercial aerospace and defense applications.

Compute-intensive artificial intelligence (AI), radar, electro-optical/infrared imagery, cognitive electronic warfare and sensor fusion applications require high-performance computing capabilities closer to the sensor for effectiveness. To address this need, the GSC6204 module incorporates the NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture aiming to bring the latest advancements in processing and scale to the embedded domain.

Powered by dual NVIDIA Quadro TU104 processors and incorporating NVIDIA’s NVLink high-speed direct GPU-to-GPU interconnect technology, the module is designed to deliver the same massive parallel processing capability found in data centers.

Combined with Mercury’s HDS6605 Intel Xeon Scalable server blade, SCM6010 fast storage, SFM6126 wideband PCIe switches, streaming IOM-400 I/O modules, and ruggedized to withstand environmental extremes, these GPU co-processing engines are intended to be a critical component of a composable high-performance embedded edge compute (HPEEC) environment.

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