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VITA 48.4 Liquid Flow Through Cooling Test Platform

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Test-PlatformPower hungry OpenVPX modules require a cooling solution guaranteed to keep the mission on course. From the experts in packaging for extreme environments comes the VITA 48.4 LFT test and development chassis. Elma Electronic’s newest OpenVPX development platform is designed to accommodate the testing of boards requiring VITA 48.4 LFT (Liquid Flow-Through) cooling.

VITA 48.4 establishes the mechanical design interface, outline and mounting requirements for 6U OpenVPX liquid-flow-through cooled plug-in modules within associated sub-racks. While the connector layout remains common with VITA 46, VITA 48.4 standard modules are cooled by liquid flowing through an integral heatsink. Circuit boards and electronic components are cooled more effectively as compared to other more traditional cooling methods such as air or conduction cooling alone. Quick disconnect coupling assemblies allow fluidic coupling to the chassis manifold.

Intended for proof of concept testing and development tasks, this self-contained VITA 48.4 LFT platform is designed to accept up to six 6U OpenVPX plug-in modules on a 1” pitch, plus either a built-in power supply or a plug-in VITA 62 power module. A liquid-to-air heat exchanger provides the required fluid for cooling and a flow indicator shows when the fluid is circulating. The system can be adapted to any slot count and module pitch.

  • Test up to six 6U OpenVPX modules
  • Built in heat exchanger
  • Flow indicator shows fluid is circulating
  • Plug-in VITA 62 power module option
  • Extensible design for different slot counts



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