Military Embedded Systems

HENSOLDT completes radar installation for Australian air traffic control


August 13, 2018

Mariana Iriarte

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems


MUNICH, Germany. The Royal Australian air force, through the Department of Defense, purchased nine ASR-NG based Fixed Defence Air Traffic Control Surveillance Sensors and one Operational Maintenance Trainer (OMT) from HENSOLDT. The purchase order is for the FDATCSS program, which is also referred to as AIR 5431 Phase 2. Engineers completed the second Final System site installation joining one Interim System and another already installed Final System.

Due to the location requirements for the Final systems at two of the sites, two Interim systems are being installed to provide the customer with continuous radar coverage while the legacy radars are removed and replaced.

Each of the ASR radars consist of an integrated primary and secondary radar system. The primary radar helps to detect non-cooperative objects such as small aircraft without transponders or hostile aircraft. It is based on a semiconductor transmitter and includes special signal processing techniques for wide-area surveillance. The secondary radar, MSSR 2000 I, provides automatic identification of cooperative aircraft. It meets the new “Mode S/Mode 5” air traffic control standard, which greatly improves aircraft identification queries and is currently being introduced in all NATO and allied forces.


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