Military Embedded Systems

Identification Friend or Foe systems to see upgrades


September 11, 2019

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

ABERDEEN, Md. Raytheon Company and Hanwha Systems signed a technical cooperation agreement to produce Identification Friend or Foe Mode 5 systems for the Korean military.


Mode 5 IFF systems allow operators to positively identify friendly aircraft using a secure, encrypted code, reducing the potential for fratricide and increasing situational awareness.

Under the agreement, Raytheon will provide its IFF technology while Hanwha Systems will oversee domestic production.

To reduce the risk of "friendly" fire incidents and to enhance system security, coalition nations are moving to a new version of IFF called Mode 5. The new technology extends the range of Mode 4 and upgrades the signaling waveforms, making communications faster and more secure, according to claims made by the company.


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