Military Embedded Systems

Navy contract modification ensures Archerfish neutralizer production, delivery


April 11, 2013

Alice Moss

Military Embedded Systems

The U.S. Navy recently awarded BAE Systems Electronics Ltd.’s Maritime Services Division in Portsmouth, U.K. a nearly $8.3 million contract modification to finalize Archerfish underwater mine threat neutralizer production and delivery.

The modification covers maintenance and calibration, in addition to program support and management and engineering services support.

Work provided under the modification is slated to occur in Portsmouth, U.K. by September 2014.

Archerfish neutralizer systems proffer a boost in performance and reliability as compared to an MK-105. Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs), helicopters, and surface ships can all launch and operate Archerfish, which sends out a shaped charge warhead to fully detonate a target.

The U.S. Navy has chosen Archerfish to serve as the common neutralizer with which all U.S. Navy mine countermeasure platforms will be fitted.


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