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RGB Spectrum’s New Leading-Edge Video Wall Processor for the Most Demanding Applications

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February 11, 2022

RGB Spectrum’s New Leading-Edge Video Wall Processor for the Most Demanding Applications

ALAMEDA, California – February 9, 2022 – RGB Spectrum is pleased to introduce the innovative Galileo GO 80 4K video wall processor, packed with unique capabilities for viewing and collaboration. Designed for mission-critical applications, it offers exceptional video performance, reliability and advanced features.

The Galileo GO 80 processor consolidates critical visual information and data to provide a centralized, correlated view on an array of LCD monitors or seamless LED walls. Source signals are displayed in windows of any size, anywhere on the video wall. Operators can instantly switch and route sources, choose preset display layouts, and pan and zoom to view particular items of interest.

For optimum viewing and decision-making capability, your video wall requires a processor that offers the highest level of video processing performance, and the Galileo GO 80 model delivers. It provides a superior video wall viewing experience with real-time throughput and exceptional 4K image quality, unlike lesser systems that can drop frames or cause image tearing.

It’s about more than just display. Being able to communicate and collaborate with local and remote colleagues is often a key requirement in the decision support process. The Galileo GO 80 allows operators to push video content to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Advanced features include:

  • A single processor can drive multiple video walls or individual displays. One Galileo GO 80 can power multiple video walls within the same or other rooms or feed both a video wall and individual displays interspersed throughout a facility. The output fed to multiple display surfaces can be the same or different. Imagine the possibilities.
  • Operators can select the entire video wall or any region of interest to be encoded as an IP stream for transmission across an Ethernet network.
  • The Galileo GO 80 can even encode a baseband signal, whether or not displayed on the wall, and distribute it to remote recipients.
  • The processor supports an extensive range of baseband and IP-based inputs, including analog, AV-over-IP streams, DVI/HDMI, and 3G/HD-SDI.
  • Scripting is available for third-party system control.

The Galileo GO 80 is tightly integrated with RGB Spectrum’s Zio® enterprise AV-over-IP platform. Zio technology provides enterprise-wide AV control and distribution of video content over any size network. And with the Zio Mobile App users can view these video wall streams remotely even on a mobile phone or tablet.

The Galileo GO 80 powers big video walls, with up to 16 outputs at 4Kp60 resolution or 64 at 1080p60 without compromise. PCIE Gen 3 technology offers the highest backplane bandwidth on the market, with the fastest available data transfer amongst I/O cards as well as to and from the CPU. That’s the open secret of its raw power. And since rack space is often limited, it comes in a compact 4RU chassis, a smaller form factor than near peer processors.

Galileo GO 80 chassis

When nothing but the best will do. The GO 80.

RGB Spectrum is a leading designer and manufacturer of mission-critical, real-time audio-visual solutions for a civilian, government and military client base. The company offers integrated hardware, software and control systems to satisfy the most demanding requirements. The Galileo video display processor is an ideal solution for mission critical environments, including emergency operations centers, security operations centers, control rooms, command centers, traffic management facilities, and network operations centers. The video display processor forms the backbone to a decision support system, part of the company’s commitment to collaborative decision making.

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