Military Embedded Systems

Nexvision launches eVPU, a powerful embedded computing platform for image processing and analysis.

Press Release

December 03, 2020

Nexvision image.

Designed in particular for situational awareness applications, this calculator is designed to process streams emanating from an ecosystem of sensors (cameras, radar, lidar...).

The Nexvision's platform can embark up to 3 JETSON AGX XAVIER GPUs and manage up to 100Gb/s of video streams. Thanks to its huge processing power, eVPU is perfect for data fusion, image processing and image analysis.

The main applications are: search and rescue, graphic information projection, threat identification, path planning, 3D reconstruction, mapping...

The eVPU computing platform is useful for armored vehicles, helicopters, UAVs or any other kind of autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicle.

For more details on the specifications, you can download the brochure:

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