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Low Profile Micro-Ds fit well with New Portable Electronic Modules

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As circuit modules are being applied to more and more portable electronic systems, the “Total Circuit” must become smaller, lighter and shorter while remaining rugged. At this time, we see a number of older technologies moving into a more portable module system format.

Low profile Micro-D connectors are as much as 30% lower in height and help with new vertical stacking of circuit boards. Omnetics’ Micro-D Connectors are ideal for critical, high-reliability industries. They are built and meet or exceed the specifications of MIL-DTL-83513. As design formats evolve, we have met new requirements to help designers squeeze more into smaller and smaller boxes. Still, the need for board to board, power to panel, and sensor or device interconnections to other circuits exist. This need is now coupled with a number of system design changes to not only reduce size, but weight while, often times, increasing circuit speed and performance.  

Omnetics’ Low Profile Micro-D proves to be a great method to assist in many of these needs. The focus on stacked P.C boards is being used to insure small, densely packed and high-performance modules. It allows for fast design of each individual section of the instrument.  Applications include hand launched drones, portable robotic surveillance systems and space circuits in cube satellites. One must remember that these connector and cable systems will be exposed to some of the most extreme environmental situations faced in our industry. Basic physics suggests that by reducing weight and size while retaining strength will insure even higher performance when exposed to high shock and vibration. Often times, low profile Micro-Ds will be potentially going through high temperature changes must also be considered.

Designers today, are freer to design specifically to tightly pack their products into smaller and more flexible modules than the days of standardization. Variations from system to system also calls for more innovative cable design. Omnetics low profile connectors are adapted to a wide range of interconnect mediums to meet the designers need.

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