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Nano 360 ® Circular Connectors for High Reliability

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Nano 360 ® Circular Connectors for High ReliabilityInstrument mobility, portable medical equipment and miniature surveillance systems require quick and easy cable connections but must maintain the critical quality of very high reliability to meet the demands placed on these systems. As electronic equipment, cameras and sensors continue to get smaller and the need for easy plug-and-go functions evolve and requirements for quick module “in-field-replacement” increase, new requirements are placed on the connectors and cables that interface that equipment to other systems. Existing connector-to-cable systems are quite often too large, too heavy and are prone to failure in this new electronics environment.   

The new generation of nano-circular connectors are designed to significantly reduce weight and size while utilizing pin and socket elements that have passed the tests specified in Military Specifications and are currently utilized in successfully achieving Military Qualifications for nano-connector specifications MIL-DTL-32139.   

Internal alignment keys enhance blind-mating and insures scoop-proof mating system. The gold-plated pin and sockets utilized have higher insertion and withdrawal forces that further helps insure connector retention in rugged environmental applications. For direct mounting or insert molding designs, connector formats are available in the basic insulator format and are often built-into probe handles, sensor heads or docking stations. Overmolded systems bonded to the cable provide stand-alone, pre-wired connector to cable designs. Panel mount models are used for placement in docking-connector formats and match the cable series connectors. Nano-circular connectors with a full metal housing system provide the more conventional mate-and-hold attachments used in larger high-reliability interconnect systems.  

Nano 360  pitch is set at .025 mil.s, (.635mm) and are initially available in pin counts of 6,11,16, and 28 positions. Weights run .6 to 2.3 grams with wire. Prototype designs are connected quickly using basic insulator models to insure the total system functions to the designer requirements.  As the “Form and Fit” requirements evolve in the system packing and assembly, the final shape and housing system of the nano-circular connectors can be added to the basic insulator product. No changes to the basic circuit design is required to adjust the physical functions of mounting and mating systems are finalized.

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