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LTAMDS sale to Poland marks first international deal


September 07, 2023

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

LTAMDS sale to Poland marks first international deal
Image courtesy Raytheon

KIELCE, Poland. Poland's minister of national defense approved a Letter of Acceptance with the U.S. Army to expand its WISŁA medium-range air and missile defense capabilities with the introduction of 12 Lower-Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensors (LTAMDS) plus 48 Patriot launchers, making the Foreign Military Sale the first international customer to add the advanced 360-degree LTAMDS radar built by Raytheon (an RTX business) to its air and missile defense architecture.

In this phase of the Polish missile-defense program, five Polish industry partners -- all members of the PGZ group (Poland's government-backed armaments group) -- will receive technology, equipment, and training to enable them to produce and maintain components of LTAMDS. According to Raytheon officials, it is envisioned that the Polish partners will become part of the LTAMDS global supply chain.

"Poland's expansion of its WISŁA program will fortify the country's security and defense against a range of air and missile threats," said Tom Laliberty, president of Land & Air Defense Systems at Raytheon. "With the introduction of LTAMDS, Poland will become the first country after the U.S. to complement the combat-proven Patriot with LTAMDS which provides extended range and full, 360-degree coverage to detect and defend against complex, highly coordinated, multi-.threat attack scenarios."

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