Military Embedded Systems

Lockheed Martin delivers latest Aerostat order to Army


May 31, 2012

Alice Moss

Military Embedded Systems

The U.S. Army recently received the 29th unit of Lockheed Martin’s Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS).

PTDS consists of a tethered aerostat loaded with several sensors. The aerostat is capable of remaining aloft for months and gives Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities to warfighters. Able to execute various missions simultaneously, the aerostat is tied to a mooring system that can be relocated as needed. The system helps soldiers to track insurgents, spot IEDs, and enhance battlefield readiness.

In existence since 2004, the PTDS program has lent warfighters 24/7 surveillance in Iraq and Afghanistan.

PTDS is manufactured by Lockheed Martin in its Akron, OH, locale. The company’s Melbourne, FL, facility, in addition to its Akron facility, will additionally support PTDS via provision of sensors, cameras, other hardware, and all-hours customer service.


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