Military Embedded Systems

Mission Master autonomous UGV revealed by Rheinmetall


November 25, 2020

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Rheinmetall photo.

GERMANY. Rheinmetall has added a new system to its family of Mission Master Autonomous - Unmanned Ground Vehicle (A-UGV): the Mission Master – Armed Reconnaissance. The UGV is equipped with intelligence-gathering technology and a Rheinmetall Fieldranger remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS).

The new Armed Reconnaissance module is designed to collect tactical intelligence in the area of operations while providing frontline fire support whenever necessary.

The Mission Master – Armed Reconnaissance is designed to execute high-risk scouting missions and deliver a real-time common operating picture. The A-UGV's payload consists of long-range EO/IR sensors, a surveillance radar, a 360 degree full ring camera, a laser rangefinder, and a laser designator to identify potential threats.

The reconnaissance payload is installed on a 3.5-meter expandable mast with a tilting mechanism. This feature is intended to allow for increased and safe transportability on any platform, according to the company.

The Armed Reconnaissance module is also designed with a radio-agnostic architecture, which means it can accommodate any type of radio that end users may need. The bidirectional communication system is intended to permit clear exchanges to enhance situational awareness. When engaging enemy forces, the Rheinmetall Fieldranger Light 7.62 mm RCWS will provide much more firepower than the usual man-carried section weapon. 


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