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Infrared sensor system introduced by L-3 Cincinnati Electronics


October 26, 2012

Brandon Lewis

Technology Editor

Embedded Computing Design

WASHINGTON – The NightConqueror 360-Degree HD Infrared Radar (IR) was announced yesterday at AUSA by L-3 Cincinnati Electronics (L-3 CE). The low-infrastructure, low-cost sensors platforms leverage AAR-44 Missile Warning System and 1280x1024 NightConqueror HD mid-wave technologies for 30 megapixel resolution on up to 24 HD IR cameras.

With a 2.5 Hz refresh rate, the NightConqueror allows for panoramic vision and includes a touchscreen Ground User Interface (GUI) capable of displaying and processing selected areas of interest while in panoramic view. Further, image resolution enhancing video processing algorithms reduce the effects of harsh environmental atmospheres.

Currently deployed in Autonomous Maritime Navigation (AMN) systems, the NightConqueror 360HD is 100 percent passive for use in covert night operations.


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